Therapeutic Massage and Precision Neuromuscular Therapy

A Personal Message from Our Therapeutic Massage Specialist Jamey Thompson

To the Person Hoping to Put an End to Living With Stress, Tension and Tiredness, Searching for a Solution & Curious About Therapeutic Massage and Precision Neuromuscular Therapy

I appreciate that you’re likely to be a busy person.

And that you’ve likely got ten million things going on at the same time…and that you’re probably feeling as though you’re running on empty right now.

You deserve a real break from chasing around after your children, shopping, cooking, maybe even juggling your career with home, traveling from here to there, or trying to keep up with all the tasks on your “to-do” list. You’re probably staring at that to-do list a mile-long thinking, “when am I going to have the time to get through all this”?

Let’s be honest: It’s hard to find people these days that aren’t thinking that way.

Heck, that’s why so many men and women are so stressed out, constantly tense and nearly always feeling tired. Pure and simple.

Just about every family man and woman aged 35+ that I know suffers from it.

But the problem for most is that they will convince themselves to believe “that’s just the way it is” and that nothing can be done about it.

Therapeutic Massage and Precision Neuromuscular Therapy is for the person like you suffering from tight and tense muscles that wreak their havoc by refusing to let you relax and find relief.

Suffering with the anguish of dull, achy, stiff, tight, tense muscles day in and day out can make you irritable, drain you of energy, and just plain make you feel horrible.

Letting your muscles continue in knots like this will result in more aches and pains later, lead to a hunched over posture later in life, and make you look older beyond your years.

Instead, why not enjoy the relaxing warmth of hands-on Therapeutic Massage and Precision Neuromuscular Therapy to melt the knots away, ease your muscle tension, and precisely get to the root cause of why your muscles keep tensing up on you?

Therapeutic Massage and Precision Neuromuscular Therapy can offer RELIEF to the SUFFERING of chronic stress, constant muscle tension, nagging fatigue, and fidgeting discomfort that won’t allow you to get comfortable in one position for a mere 5-10 minutes.

Therapeutic Massage and Precision Neuromuscular Therapy will help you de-stress, effortlessly unwind and FINALLY take care of all that tension you’ve built up… leaving you to live each day with more energy and free to rediscover your old and best self…even if you are currently overwhelmed, feel stuck or just not sure what to do about it.

How Can Therapeutic Massage and Precision Neuromuscular Therapy Help You?

First, let’s talk about the difference between the two.

Therapeutic Massage is a collection of different techniques using the therapist’s hands or tools to help increase circulation, ease muscle tension, decrease muscle tightness, and improve soft tissue mobility.

Precision Neuromuscular Therapy is a medical massage technique that uses science, special tests with measurements, and specialized techniques to offer the same benefits as therapeutic massage but more precisely so you get results faster.

Our team of specialized therapists are the ONLY team of Precision Neuromuscular Therapists in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Let me be honest with you: Muscle aches, joint pains, frequent headaches, suffering tension, daily fatigue trouble, and difficulty relaxing, even struggling to get to sleep at night…

These are all WARNING SIGNS from your body… it is screaming at you that something is wrong, and it is CRAVING that you do something about it. Silencing your body’s warning signs with painkillers, sleeping pills or other medication is rarely ever the best answer.

The route of the “magic pill” is fraught with side effects that no man or woman wants to be bothered with or even wants to live with.

And let’s talk about those unwanted “knots” in your neck and shoulder muscles causing that tension, creating an unhealthy and awkward looking posture…attacking your body and ‘zapping’ your energy.

Sound familiar to you? If so, let me take special care of you with hands-on therapy that makes your muscles feel soft, supple, and free to move.

Here is a TASTE of what you can expect when you receive specialized Therapeutic Massage and Precision Neuromuscular Therapy:

  • I know and will use multiple ways to end muscle tension, unlock stiffness, stop it from coming back anytime soon, and how to mix and match these different techniques to create for you the perfect treatment session that will literally “squeeze out” every last ounce of stress and tension from your body
  • I will show you how to use a tennis ball to help you relax at home by giving yourself an on demand “5-minute make-over”
  • Your body will take a vacation from muscle tension and tightness – anywhere and everywhere on your body
  • You will have vital oxygen and nutrients “running” around your body lifting your energy and boosting vitality – imagine how good life would be with this happening for you
  • You will have your body’s own natural feel good drugs called endorphins released and circulating for hours if not days – this translates into relaxed muscles, calm nerves, and stress “defused”
  • You will begin thinking more clearly and feeling much more positive about life because of the new and improved state of mind you are now in
  • You will finally be able to spend time and enjoy your family and friends because you won’t be so pent up with stress or tension
  • You will be able to go places and do MORE things with your children (or grandchildren) because you’re able to get a good night’s sleep free from muscle tension and the worry it causes
  • You will have your body perform with better efficiency and this means you can resist or recover from illness or disease, injury or strenuous activity much more quickly than before

Therapeutic Massage and Precision Neuromuscular Therapy are very natural, time proven, much more enjoyable, better for your health, are miles more relaxing than any form of medication. Plus, the results can be longer lasting because you are getting the cause of your tension and tightness resolved instead of just popping a pill to mask over the symptoms.

And You’ll Be SHOCKED at How Good You’ll Feel in Just 1 Week… Perhaps Even Just a Few DAYS From Now!

Plus, there are many more great and healthy reasons for a regular Therapeutic Massage with Precision Neuromuscular Therapy:

  • Reduce headaches and migraines that can ease your symptoms – sometimes instantly!
  • Tap into the hidden natural benefits of massage meaning no more medication or wasted trips to the doctor
  • Have essential oils worked into your muscles to calm your senses and soothe your tired achy muscles
  • Discover how good it is to live with more energy than you’ve previously ever known and the kind most people can only dream about having
  • Feel fresher, and as many longevity experts out there believe… enhance your youthful appearance, have younger looking skin, and even help you feel much younger than your years
  • Provide you with hope that comes with feeling less haggard, less tired, less limited, and most of all, less OLD!

As you can see, you’re going to get lots of tested and proven ways to generate an instant healthy lifestyle boost…whatever your age…and whatever your situation.

So, Who Am I and Why Should You Choose Me to Melt Away Your Stress and Tension?

The first thing I need to share with you is that I am NOT a qualified physical therapist like Dr. Jeanette. So, if it’s a full injury evaluation you are looking for or a guided beginning to end recovery plan to get you back from a specific injury, then I'm not the right specialist to do that (but our physical therapist, Dr. Jeanette can definitely help you with that.)

But I do work with Dr. Jeanette and that’s one of the things that makes me so different from all the others out there. I am a Therapeutic Massage Specialist that works alongside an expert physical therapist who is also a Precision Neuromuscular Therapist. So, I am fine-tuning my skills on a regular basis under the guidance of an expert.

And the best part about that, I often take care of some of Dr. Jeanette’s patients during and towards the end of their recovery program – when their problem needs specialist therapeutic massage only visits.

I have trained and worked extensively in Southeastern Wisconsin, have clients that come back time and time again and they schedule withme often because they love how I help them de-stress, relieve their muscle tension, and give them back their energy.

I look forward to helping you find relief from the day-to-day grind, melt your knots into supple soft tissue, and re-discover what relaxation really means!

See you on my comfy massage table!...


Jamey Thompson
Licensed Massage Therapist

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Meet the Person Who Will Be Making Your Days a Whole Lot Better... Introducing Jamey...

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Biology; I had a good corporate job in the pharmaceutical industry - so why become a massage therapist? Well, the bottom line is this: there are so many who are suffering with muscular pain and tension or those who are burdened with stress. I wanted to have a direct impact on helping those who are experiencing these difficulties because it impacts a person’s daily life. Training as a massage therapist has given me the skill set to address these issues and to empower people to take control of their health so that they can reach their goals and enjoy their interests. In order to provide the best massage therapy, I chose to train in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT) which is the most medical form of massage. PNMT is widespread in its scope in that this massage modality can help anyone in any line of work who is dealing with chronic or acute pain. In addition to practicing PNMT, I have developed the Infant Massage Therapy (IMT) program – called “Hush Little Baby” simply because I love babies! They are the sweetest little people to have as clients – not to mention that IMT supports very tired parents too. I also love to work with high school athletes because I have a brother who plays multiple sports, and massage therapy has been a tremendous help to him. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard him say – “Jamey, I need a massage.” So, it really does work! However, this is just the beginning - I plan to continue my training and will include other modalities in the future, so be on the watch for what I have to offer!

What are my interests and what do I enjoy? I like camping, music, traveling, refinishing furniture, biking, reading and spending time with my family and friends. I attend Crossway Community Church in Bristol, WI. I am thankful for what I have been given in order to be an encouragement to others, and I look forward to helping YOU at DeWitt Physical Therapy & Wellness!

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"YES I’d Really Like To Try a Therapeutic Massage!"

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