5 Steps To Getting Rid Of Pain...Regardless Of What That Pain Is!

What’s the biggest pain you have experienced?


A broken bone?

A sprained ankle?

A splinter?

A root canal?




Regardless of the type of pain or the cause of the pain, I anticipate the #1 thought you are thinking of is “How do I get rid of the pain?”


Here’s 5 Steps You Can Take Immediately When Pain Begins?


  • Take Action - Doing nothing will not work. Even if you decide to rest and apply ice, you are still taking action
  • Pay Attention To What You Are Feeling - Do not ignore your pain. Pain is your body’s way of screaming for your attention. Pain is your body telling you something is wrong. If you just fell and your wrist is painful and shows a deformity, your body is shouting at you to get an x-ray! If you have a splinter, your body is telling you that your finger hurts and the splinter needs to be removed. If you are experiencing labor pains, your body is telling you the baby is on the way! Pay attention to your...
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Good Pain vs Bad Pain

Pain can be both good and bad.

It is good because it warns you to withdraw like when you touch a hot stove and immediately withdraw your hand.

Pain lets you know that something is wrong like when you wake up in the morning and feel back pain. If this happens for several mornings, the pain will eventually prompt you to seek a qualified medical specialist like a physical therapist.

Pain can also create a muscle spasm to guard or protect the injured area of the body.

Pain is bad when you 1) have to stop doing what you want to do, 2) can’t do what you want to do without thinking about whether or not you have or are going to have pain, and 3) when your muscles begin to weaken from lack of activity or when your circulation becomes poor from lack of movement.

Pain that gets in the way of you being able to enjoy your life is absolutely bad pain that needs to go away ASAP!

What kind of pain do you have?

Is it dull? Achy? Comes and goes?

Is it sharp? Shooting? Feel Numb? Tingling?


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