How To Decrease Low Back Pain While Wrapping Gifts

I love buying gifts and wrapping them. It puts me in a festive mood and my heart beams with the anticipation of gift-giving. My back sometimes doesn’t feel quite so jolly!


I have tried wrapping gifts on the floor. The kneeling position creates stress on my knees and forces me to lean forward; thus, straining my low back.


I have tried wrapping gifts at the kitchen table. I still have a tendency to lean forward and I’m constantly looking down so both my back and neck feel stiff and achy.


Then, I discovered a few tricks and I want to share them with you!


  1. Wrap gifts at a kitchen counter or the kitchen island. Clear everything off and arrange what you need. The higher surface of the countertop is perfect for my low back and prevents my shoulders from hunching forward. Plus, I can stagger my feet and shift my body weight on to my feet instead of straining my back.
  2. Take stretch breaks. Once each gift is wrapped, I perform a stretch or walk around...
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