How To Take The “Ouch” Out Of Elbow Pain

If you have ever experienced elbow pain, then you know how it can wreak havoc in your day.


The simple act of typing on a keyboard, using a mouse, opening a jar, or squeezing a ketchup bottle - all can cause pain when your elbow is unhappy.


In my latest video, I provide several options to decrease elbow pain, whether it is on the outside of the elbow (tennis elbow = lateral epicondylitis) or on the inside of the elbow (golfer’s elbow = medial epicondylitis).


Elbow pain does not discriminate. It doesn’t care if you are an athlete, an office worker, or a machinist. When it hurts, it prevents you from doing what you need and want to do.


You have lots of options that you can do from home. Watch the video to learn more.


Or, if you try these options, and your symptoms are stubborn and still don’t want to go away within 7-10 days, then I recommend you contact your local Doctor of Physical Therapy so they can direct you in your next steps....

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How To Recognize Signs And Symptoms Of Tennis Elbow

It’s summertime and many people increase their activity level as they get outside more. Some people may choose to complete more outdoor projects with their yard - mowing, weeding, gardening, and DIY projects. Others may choose more recreational activities like kayaking, cycling, tennis, and golf.


What do all these activities have in common?




That’s right, whether they are gripping hand tools, the oars of a kayak, or the handle of a racquet, everyone participating in any of the above activities must grip.


Excessive gripping or a sudden increase in gripping can increase the risk of lateral epicondylitis - aka tennis elbow. Increased gripping can also increase the risk of medial epicondylitis, or golfer’s elbow, too. What’s the difference?


Tennis elbow is pain on the outside of the elbow whereas golfer’s elbow is pain on the inside of the elbow.


How do you know if you might have either tennis elbow or...

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