Meal Planning Basics

Kudos to all you super organized meal planning let me spend an entire day making every meal for the week ahead folks.

Unfortunately, that’s not me. My family’s schedule doesn’t allow me the opportunity to cook all day then never cook again that week. Even though I like to cook, I don’t like it enough to spend an entire day doing it. I would be exhausted!

I am proud of those who can do it but I know myself and I am comfortable with who I am enough to know that I won’t devote a day to cooking.

This is what I am willing to do and these are the strategies I use to avoid the question every Mom hates to hear, “What’s for dinner?”

  1. Plan Ahead
    • Look at your schedule
    • What nights do you have time to cook?
    • What nights need to be reserved for reheating leftovers?
    • What mornings do you have to prepare for a crockpot meal for dinner?
  2. What’s In Your Pantry?
    • What food do you already have?
    • What food do you need to buy?
    • What meals can be made...
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