How Building a Garden Box Created Motivation

As I watched my husband measure the wood, cut, piece together, and hammer our new garden box, I was motivated by his work. He took scraps of wood that we had tucked away in the rafters of our oversized garage and created a very utilitarian garden box that would save our backs for summers to come.


My biggest motivation from observing him was that we often overlook the tools we already have to start a project. Prior to him building the garden box, I had searched the internet to see if we could buy a few pre-made garden boxes or kits for garden boxes. I instantly received sticker shock! 


We are not trying to break our bank to grow some veggies!


My husband decided to be resourceful and look around at what we already had available. We already had enough wood to make a single large garden box about 7 feet long and 40 inches wide.


No, it’s not super fancy, but it will get the job done!


The same approach can be taken towards tackling other...

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