Why You Don’t Want To Wear These To Your Next Holiday Party

How many times have you attended a holiday party and left with your feet and back aching?

Have you ever said, “Why does it hurt when I stand to talk to people?”

Well, look no further than down to your feet.

That’s right… look down at your shoes.

Ladies, Are You Wearing High Heels?

Guess what? Those high heels that looked so bedazzling are killing your feet and back.

If the toe of your high heels is pointy, then your feet are getting squeezed together and pinching the nerves in your feet… OUCH!

Those high heels are most likely causing your pelvis to rotate forward and increasing the stress on your low back.

All of this sounds like no fun and can be a recipe for a very long night.

Is it any wonder so many ladies end up kicking off their high heels the first chance they get?

And Men, Are You Wearing Hard Wooden Soles In Your Dress Shoes?

Yes, those are pretty uncomfortable too – especially if they offer no arch support. Your feet are basically standing on hard wood like a basketball court.

Your feet will not be happy with you and neither will your back.

Ladies, why not select a soft soled wedge heel that is stylish and comfortable?

Men, why not select a soft soled shoe with arch support that is dressy and supportive?

Your feet and back will thank you PLUS you can focus your attention on chatting with your friends instead of looking for the nearest chair… or worse… heading home early because you just can’t stand to stand any more.

Shoe wear DOES MATTER. Help your feet and back to be happy and healthy this holiday season!

Happy Holidays,

Dr. Jeanette


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