What If your Exercise Or Fitness Program Is actually Hurting You?

Wouldn’t it be scary if you were trying to exercise to improve your health and your exercise program was the wrong program for you?

That’s right – you could have started the wrong workout or you could have been doing the wrong exercises for years and not even know it.

Read on or Watch this video now to learn how to exercise properly:

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Here’s how I know this happens:

First, there are thousands of exercises out there on the internet, in magazines, in blogs, etc. – the problem is that not all exercises are good for everyone. There is no “one size fits all” approach for exercise. If we are honest with each other, not everyone can do every exercise out there. In fact, you can get seriously hurt by trying an exercise that you just flat out are not ready for or not physically capable of doing.

Secondyou could be doing an exercise that is right for you but you are doing it wrong. You aren’t strong enough to do it at the resistance level you are trying to do it at, you don’t have the flexibility to do the exercise in it full range of motion, or your technique is poor. If any of these factors occur, you are now setting yourself up for an injury.

Third, I have seen patients in my office who are physically fit, active, and doing everything they think is right in the way of staying fit… and they still get hurt. How can this happen?

Obviously, if someone falls while running or crashes their bike – these are accidents and accidents happen.

But what about the marathon runner who has been running 80 miles per week for years and now has hip and leg pain suddenly?

Or, what about the basketball player or baseball player who plays all year round and now has knee pain or shoulder pain?

And, how about the avid exerciser who works at a desk 8-hours per day then goes to the gym and lifts weights, does a little cardio, stretches, drinks plenty of water…and still gets injured?

Does this sound familiar?

What did they do wrong when it appears that they should be in their best health and not worrying about injuries?

Let Me Share With You Why These Types Of Scenarios Happen.

  • The marathoner gets hurts because they never take a day off and let their body rest.
  • The basketball player or baseball player gets hurt because they never take time to try a different sport and their muscles get overused by doing the same thing over and over until that repetition makes some muscles strong but other muscles weak.
  • The worker who sits all day and exercises at night learned how to exercise by watching people at the gym who really didn’t know what they were doing. Now that avid exerciser is doing exercises with poor form after sitting hunched over a computer all day. They are putting their body in bad positions caused by poor technique – they are doing the right exercise in the wrong way causing stress and strain on their joints and muscles.

So, What Should You Do?

Exercise is a healthy and great option to keep you active, control your weight, and give you energy. Exercise also helps you combat those obesity-related diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and even some forms of cancer.

If you are a beginning exerciser who is scared to hurt with exercise, if you are an experienced athlete looking to take that next step in performance, or even if you are a yo-yo exerciser who is motivated to exercise but has trouble sticking with it, then watch the video above to learn how to exercise properly.

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