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Benefits of Lemongrass Oil

Have you ever tried Lemongrass essential oil? While some think this is an obscure oil, Lemongrass has dozens of benefits and can be used for things like skin, mood, and digestion. With its unique smoky and citrusy aroma, Lemongrass has become a favorite among essential oil experts for its equally unique benefits.

So, what exactly are the benefits of Lemongrass oil? Keep reading to learn all about this incredibly versatile oil and how you can use it every day.


What is Lemongrass essential oil good for?

Lemongrass has a plethora of benefits for the body. For example, did you know that Lemongrass is a popular digestive tonic?* Lemongrass oil can be used to support healthy digestion and ease occasional stomach discomfort.*

In addition to digestive benefits, Lemongrass oil also offers significant benefits for the skin. With toning and purifying properties, this oil is a welcome addition to any skincare routine.

Lemongrass oil is also known for its ability to promote a cheerful mood. The refreshing lemon and herb-like aroma that can be diffused to promote a positive outlook.


How do I use Lemongrass essential oil?

Now that you’ve learned a little more about the benefits of Lemongrass oil, you’re ready to try it for yourself! Need some ideas? Here are some exciting examples to help you take advantage of the benefits Lemongrass has to offer.


Use Lemongrass oil for digestive support
  • Place a drop of Lemongrass oil in a Veggie Cap and swallow for digestive support.*
  • Combine Lemongrass with Peppermint oil in a capsule to support healthy gastrointestinal function and help maintain healthy digestion.*
Use Lemongrass oil for the skin
  • Add Lemongrass to your daily moisturizer or cleanser to help tone and purify the skin.
  • Combine Lemongrass oil with Tea Tree oil and apply the mixture to your fingernails and toenails to keep them looking clean.
Use Lemongrass oil to uplift mood
  • Diffuse Lemongrass oil in your home to overpower feelings of nervousness or eliminate mental fatigue.
  • Try diffusing Lemongrass at your desk at work to help promote a positive outlook and heighten your awareness.


What else is Lemongrass oil used for?

Need more ideas? Here are a few more ways that you can use Lemongrass essential oil in everyday life:

  1. A nice massage. When diluted with a carrier oil, Lemongrass essential oil can be useful for creating a soothing massage. Add a few drops of Lemongrass oil to a loon or carrier oil and massage the legs and feet after a tough workout or long run. 
  2. Keeping bugs at bay. A close relative to citronella grass, Lemongrass oil is useful for discouraging the presence of bugs when applied topically or used aromatically. Try applying it to clothing before going outside or diffusing on the back patio to enjoy a bug-free evening. 
  3. Culinary uses. The unique flavor of Lemongrass has made it a popular choice for cooking throughout southeast Asia. Simply add a drop (or less) of Lemongrass oil to soups, teas, seafood, curries, beef dishes, or poultry dishes for an extra kick of flavor.


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