Wait and See Doesn't Work

Have you ever started a home project and reached a point where you realized you no longer could finish it on your own?


It’s the moment when you know that a ”how-to-video” isn’t enough and you need to hire a professional... or at the very least consult with an expert.


Perhaps you are at this point now and the project isn’t a home project but instead, it’s your health.


Many people wait weeks, months or even years to consult with a healthcare professional about their health because they choose the “wait and see if it goes away” approach. 


If your roof is leaking, the water coming into your home won’t go away until a roofer fixes your roof.


If the oven no longer heats your food, the problem doesn’t go away until the technician fixes it or you purchase a new oven.


You probably wouldn’t wait years to fix your roof and I doubt you would wait months to solve your oven problem either.


Why do we “wait and see” when it comes to our health?


I recently had a patient who suffered for years with back pain. She was struggling to keep up with her three active kids and she could no longer participate in the sport she loved. She had also gained weight and started smoking.


Within 3 visits of physical therapy, she made the statement, “If I would have known therapy could help this quickly, I wouldn’t have waited all these years.”


So, when should you seek help for your aches and pains?


If you are struggling with pain for more than 7-10 days AND it doesn’t seem like it’s getting better, do NOT wait!


Muscle soreness from doing a new activity or an activity you haven’t done in a while should subside within 3-5 days. Anything lasting longer than that probably isn’t going away on its own. 


Get it checked out. Schedule a consultation with your local Doctor of Physical Therapy. I do Free Movement Screens in my office on a weekly basis. I am more than happy to help and if I’m not the right person to start with, I share my recommendations with the person about what to do next. Honestly though, about 95% of the time when someone enters my office with an ache or pain, I know that physical therapy can help them and I know that I can help them.


But what if you aren’t suffering with any aches and pains?


What if you’ve tried to lose weight and just can’t stick with your diet plan?

What if you can never seem to get enough sleep because you feel stressed out?

What if you don’t like to run or bike like your friends and wish you could find an activity you enjoyed because you know it’s the healthy thing to do?

What if weight loss isn’t your problem and you just want to eat better so you can feel better?


If you relate to any of these questions, then you need to consult with a professional. Stop wondering what to do next and seek answers.


A Registered Dietician or a Fitness Nutrition Specialist can help you with food planning.

A Sleep Specialist or Wellness Coach can help you identify ways to improve your sleep.

A Personal Trainer can help you safely try different types of exercise so you can learn what you like with less risk of injury.


The “wait and see” approach doesn’t work with your health just like it doesn’t work to wait and see if the roof stops leaking or the oven starts heating. 


Take action. Take control. Live Your Best Life.


To Your Best Health,

Dr. Jeanette

Dr. Jeanette De Witt is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Certified Athletic Trainer, a Certified Precision Neuromuscular Therapist, a Certified Personal Trainer, a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and is Level I Exercise is Medicine credentialed. 


If you would like to work with Dr. Jeanette directly, you can connect with her at www.dewitptwellness.com. She offers a variety of services including Physical Therapy and 1-on-1 coaching through her Health CEO program.


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