Tis The Season Of Gratitude

gratitude wellness Oct 31, 2020

Let’s Celebrate November!


We are full swing into Autumn now and I absolutely love this time of year. For me, November reminds me of gratitude. Taking time to be thankful is my equivalent of stopping to smell the roses!


What are you thankful for?


In such a tumultuous year, I think it’s especially important to ask yourself that question. For me, when I stop focusing on what I am grateful for, I start to get sucked into negativity and the Oh woe is me mentality.


Here’s a little tip I learned from a business mentor. Every morning, try to find 3 different things to be grateful for.


Let’s try it.


Today, I am grateful for:


  1. I’m breathing. Seriously, I am grateful that I can breathe independently on my own. Before COVID-19, did you even think about ventilators? I didn’t. Now, I don’t take for granted that my lungs can inflate and deflate without me thinking about it. I’ve never had a respiratory disease but my husband had a compacted lung a few years ago and I watched him take every bit of energy to breathe. He needed steroids and an inhaler “to get the elephant off my chest” as he described how difficult it was to breathe. Yes, I am very thankful to breathe.
  2. My husband. I married a very good man who is devoted to God, his wife, and his daughters. I am so thankful for his character, his work ethic, and his love. Plus, he’s an amazing hobby chef. I feel like I get treated every day with his delicious meals!
  3. My daughters. They both have very different personalities and I am grateful that I get the honor of being their Mom. I get the front row seat in watching them explore, learn, make mistakes, learn some more, and succeed. 


As we enter the final two months of 2020, I encourage you to step back and reflect on the year.

What are you grateful for?

Who are you grateful for?


Gratitude is contagious. When you are thankful, it permeates from you. Pass it on!


To Your Best Health,

Dr. Jeanette


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