Taking Personal Inventory

Can you believe it is already the Autumn season?


September is almost gone and we will head into the final three months of the year 2020!


This has certainly been a year like no other I can remember. Do you feel the same way?


In my business, I like to take inventory as each quarter ends and a new quarter begins.


I ask myself questions like:

What did I learn this past quarter?

What went really well?

What could have gone better?

What do I need to keep doing?

What do I need to stop doing and start doing instead?


These aren’t just great questions to ask for business. They also are great questions to ask personally.


Here’s a couple of examples that I have learned over the past quarter:


First, when I ask What went really well? I can say that for my family, making the decision to homeschool and enroll our daughters in an online academy went really well. Why did it go well? It went well for us because my husband and I had the peace of mind of what their school year was going to look like. Many parents entered September still not knowing if their kids were going to be home or in-person for their education. 


Second, when I ask What could have gone better? I can say that our family could have adjusted better to the first week of the online academy. How could it have gone better? In hindsight, I should have taken off from work on their first two days of online schooling. If I had taken off work, then both my husband and I would have been available to guide our daughters better through the first couple of days. Yes, we managed and by the end of the first week, we were all starting to get into a groove but it would have been better for all of us if we had transitioned a bit better the first couple of days.


Asking questions of yourself, your family, and your business or career is a great way to take personal inventory. Spending the time to be honest about what is working and not working can help you pivot and making the necessary adjustments to change. And, this has certainly been a year of constant adjustment!


I’ve heard people say they don’t have the time to ask these types of questions and they never stop to reflect on what is happening around them. They can go days, weeks, months, and even years doing something that is not the best thing to be doing. This can cost precious time and money. 


Just look at how people can go into debt so quickly. They spend money on stuff they may not need and don’t have the money to pay for so the next thing they know they’ve maxed out a credit card. If they had stopped and asked, do I really need this? or do I have the money to pay for this? then they may not be in the debt-position they find themselves in.


Taking the time to take personal inventory can save you time and money.


What questions do you need to ask AND answer to get you back on track with your goals?

What habits do you need to stop doing?

What habits do you need to start doing?


I hope asking questions helps you as much as it helps me!


To Your Best Health,

Dr. Jeanette


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