One Big Thing!

Yesterday, I shared that I became a PT because I was allergic to cats!

Even though my dream of becoming a veterinarian was crushed by swollen eyes and tomato-paste colored skin, I was excited to be a Physical Therapist. I wanted to help people get back to doing what they love. I enjoyed using my skills and teaching people how to walk again, how to run again, how to play their sport again, or how to play with their grandchildren again.

Being a physical therapist is super rewarding. I get the privilege to impact people’s lives in a very positive way that is often life-changing for them...and me too. I love my people - yes, they are patients or clients - but to me they are My People. I want to take care of My People!

Here’s the thing, though. PT school did not prepare me. They failed to teach me One Big Thing!

They failed to share that I couldn’t just treat My People and help them get better. They forgot to tell me that this One Big Thing would:

  • Limit the time My People could see me each session
  • Restrict My People from receiving the number of sessions they needed
  • Tell My People that if they had 2 problems then they would have to decide which problem was the worst because they couldn’t have both problems fixed at the same time
  • Interfere with my treatment plan for My People by stating I couldn’t treat My People with this technique if I did another technique on the same day - even if My People would get better faster if they received both techniques on the same day
  • Deny payment to me if I “spent too much time” with My People on a particular day
  • Delay payment to me by 30-90 days and claim that payment was delayed because a box on a form wasn’t completed
  • Insist on My People completing the same information multiple times on multiple forms and then requiring me to ask the same questions of My People even though those questions were already answered on the multiple forms they just filled out

Yes, PT school failed to share about One Big Thing called INSURANCE!

I quickly realized that for every person I cared for, I could easily spend 10-15 minutes more on documentation just to meet the demands of the insurance so my company would get paid.  Some days I saw 22 people in an “8-hour” day! Plus, I had all the notes from my PT Assistant and Athletic Trainer to review, create a plan, and sign. My “8-hour” day with My People was often 10-14 hour days.

I worked like this for 17 years then after an intestinal cancer scare in October 2014, I realized that I couldn’t work myself into time freedom. I was 40 years old and married with 2 little girls who barely knew me because my husband worked 2nd shift and we had a nanny. My youngest little girl never even hugged me!

So, what did I do?

Find out tomorrow when you see the Subject Header: “A Hug For Me!”


Chat soon!

Dr. Jeanette


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