My People Are Winning!

Now that you have learned about the One Big Thing called INSURANCE that likes to dictate how you receive your physical therapy care so you can feel better, get in the way of you and your physical therapist deciding what is best for you, and refuse to pay a fair value for services delivered, I hope you can appreciate why I decided to change the game so you and and I could both WIN.


Throughout my 20+ years as a PT, I’ve created and developed the Feel Better Faster Formula to care for My People. I’ve already had this formula on my website and have created videos talking about it. The Feel Better Faster Formula guides you through the following steps to help you WIN!

  1. Decrease pain and tightness
  2. Improve the way you move
  3. Feel stronger and more balanced
  4. Get back to doing what you need to do
  5. Get back to doing what you want to do


This part is not new. What IS new is that as of May 20th, 2019 I will be moving all services online. This means you will have access to the Feel Better Faster Formula for Physical Therapy at your fingertips. All you need is an electronic device like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


Plus, you will be able to access Personal Training and Nutrition too!


The coolest part about this for you is that I can address all of the services within the same session!


What does this actually look like?


If you want to lose weight while you are trying to get your shoulder pain to go away, I can create solutions for both of those problems in the same online session and each session thereafter.

If you want to fix both your neck and knee problem in the same session, I can help with both problems at the same time in the same online session throughout your plan of care.

If you want to train for your 1st marathon, I can create your strength program, your running schedule, and offer a nutrition plan to help you perform at your best - all of this at the same time within the each session - no need to schedule multiple appointments with multiple specialists.

If you want to learn how to prevent your kid from getting a concussion, I can help you as the parent and your kid as the athlete. I can design a fun program that feels like play and will reduce your kids’ risk of a head injury.


What else is cool?

  1. You don’t have to drive anywhere
  2. You get 1-on-1 care at your fingertips
  3. You won’t have paperwork - you’ll just click to complete your information
  4. You can schedule your session based on the time you need
  5. You can schedule as many sessions as you need or want
  6. You can be treated for multiple problems at the same time
  7. You aren’t limited to only physical therapy within the session
  8. You can receive a total health makeover to reduce pain, feel looser, feel stronger, improve your sleep,  improve your food plan, feel fit, and feel better overall!


What will you be able to do?

  • Choose Physical Therapy, Personal Training, Nutrition, or All 3 with me
  • Schedule online
  • Pay online
  • Attend your online video chat appointment
  • Commit to the plan
  • Succeed and WIN!


How does that actually work?

Think of it as a HIPAA-compliant video chat. All of your private information is protected. You will have 1-on-1 time with me as your therapist - just like in the office - except now you can be anywhere and you don’t have to drive to receive care.

The people who have tried the online version of physical therapy have loved it. It is convenient, user-friendly, and custom to fit your needs and goals.

I realize this restructuring of my physical therapy practice to online is radical. I realize this is something new and no one else in this area is doing it. I’m not afraid to think out-of-the box so that I can care for My People the way they deserve to be cared for.

I am tired of insurance dictating what care My People need. My People know their bodies better than anyone else - they live in their bodies every day!

I am making it my mission to help as many people as I can to not only feel better faster with care at their fingertips, but also help them take control of their overall health. In the office during an insurance-based appointment, I can’t spend time on nutrition - even though nutrition is the foundation of good quality health. I can’t spend time on getting an athlete back to running because insurance won’t cover “return to sport”. Insurance says that once you can walk from your bed to the bathroom, cook a meal, and walk around the grocery store then you should be “100% functional”.


Who wants to settle for that?

No way. My People want to get back to their sport so they can earn a college scholarship. My People want to get up and down from the floor without back pain so they can play with their grandkids. My People want to fix an inner ear problem so they can get out of bed or turn around without getting dizzy. My People want to do yard work, attend a yoga class, go to bootcamp, play pickleball or golf or tennis. My People want to live their lives without fear of re-injury or worry that their aging body is going to fall apart every time they get out of bed or walk down the stairs.


My People want more!

And, it’s my mission to find more of My People!

If you, a friend, or a family member has struggled with aches and pains yet never seem to “have the time to get it looked at,” you are My People!

If you have multiple problems that you want resolved at the same time, you are My People!

If you don’t want to be limited by the number of sessions you need to get the right care, you are My People!

If you want a total health makeover, you are My People!

If you want more time freedom like I did so you can enjoy your family and friends instead of driving all over the place to appointments, you are My People!

If you are interested in learning more about this Online Physical Therapy Winning Plan, I want to chat with you.

You’ve heard my story. I want to hear about you too.

Reach out to me. I would love hearing from you!  

And, as these cool changes start taking place, you can learn the latest information by subscribing to my Facebook page at

I look forward to chatting with you soon!


With Gratitude,

Dr. Jeanette -The Online PT Doc



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