It’s Hot! How To Keep Your Student-Athlete Cool!

exercise heat safety tips Aug 08, 2020

The dog days of August are here. 


Are you ready?


With temperatures fluctuating between cooler night temps in the 60’s and higher day temps in the 80’s/90’s, it can be difficult to predict how to beat the heat. For student-athletes, morning practices might feel cool while afternoon practices might feel exhaustingly hot.


Two of the best ways to counteract the heat is staying properly hydrated and knowing the initial signs of minor heat illness so it doesn’t lead to exertional heat stroke.


One of the best resources available is the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Infographic on “Beat The Heat” at


If you are a coach, parent, or student-athlete, I highly recommend becoming familiar with the first signs of minor heat illness so that you can work with your Certified Athletic Trainer and take action quickly. 


If your team doesn’t have a Certified Athletic Trainer on staff, I highly recommend that they connect with one. This health care professional can be the key to reducing risks of heat-related illnesses as well as decreasing risks of injuries.


Not sure how to connect with a Certified Athletic Trainer?

Please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Jeanette M. De Witt. Not only is she a Certified Athletic Trainer, but she is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Personal Trainer, and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She can work with your team so that you have the latest up-to-date knowledge on preventing heat-related illness with your team as well as protecting your team by reducing risk of injuries like ACL tears, tendonitis, strains, and sprains. Her contact information is: [email protected] or 262-358-6730.


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