How To Pump Up Your Heart

One of the best ways to be good to your heart is to get it pumping!

This means you have to move!

Living a sedentary lifestyle will not lead to a healthy lifestyle or a healthy heart.

Being active, maintaining a healthy weight, and eating a balanced diet are keys to overall great health and helping your heart be more efficient.

Exercise improves your blood flow by helping it circulate throughout the entire body.

That’s why if you sit at a desk or travel on planes, you are encouraged to move your feet up and down or get up once and hour so that you reduce your risk of blood clots.

If you have surgery, you are advised to elevate your legs so that fluid doesn’t accumulate in your feet and so that gravity can assist blood flow back to your heart.

What are some keys to movement?


#1 Pick movement that you like!

You don’t have to play a sport. If you like to dance, move and groove on the dance floor.

If you like a spotless clean home, go ahead and sweep the floor, vacuum, and scrub all that grit and grime away! Doing a little cardio cleaning is a great way to be active AND get some chores done!

If you like to walk but feel like it’s wimpy or doesn’t burn enough calories, then try Rucking instead. Rucking is urban walking with a rucksack so that you can carry a little weight to increase the intensity and caloric burn. If you have an infant, go ahead and ruck with the stroller. You can carry water, diapers, baby blankets, a bottle, baby food, and more in your rucksack and burn even more calories!

It’s okay to think outside the box. The key is to move!


#2 Be consistent!

Plan your week and commit to moving 3-5 days per week for 20-30 minutes each time. Schedule it on your calendar right now because if you are anything like me, if it’s not on the calendar, then it won’t happen.


#3 Kick it up a notch!

If you start getting bored, switch things up a bit. Join a fitness class. Try a new activity. Ask some friends to join you. Try an online fitness membership - BTW, I can help you with that if you click here.

The important thing is to vary your workouts but don’t change more than one parameter at a time. You can change your duration, frequency, or intensity but only change one thing so that you don’t get so sore that you quit. Easing into a workout or something new is important because your brain and body have to learn a new thing. That’s okay!

Have fun while you learn so that you keep feeling good!


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