How To Get Your Kids Excited About Exercise!

exercise kids Jun 26, 2020

Summer is the perfect time to create the healthy habit of exercise with your kids. The weather is warmer and the sun is shining - kids naturally want to get outside and play!


Exercise = PLAY!


The #1 way to get your kids to exercise is to MAKE IT FUN!


Many kids love water so here are a few options - some a little pricey and some a little easier on the wallet!

  • Buy a pool! Yes, this may be the most expensive option but it will create endless hours of imaginative exercise - your kids will think of games and competitions on their own!
  • Sprinkler or water hose! Sometimes there is nothing like coming home after riding bikes and jumping through the water sprinkler or squirting each other off with the hose!
  • Water balloons! Numerous games can happen with water balloons besides the traditional water balloon fight!
  • Wash the car! Okay, so maybe this is a sneaky way to get a chore done but washing the car and spraying the water hose is still cool fun in the sun!


What else is there besides water?

  • Backyard games: croquet, badminton, volleyball, bocce ball, and more
  • Hopscotch
  • Shuttle run races
  • Obstacle course: create different challenges for running, skipping, hopping, and jumping
  • Jump rope and Double Dutch
  • Ride bikes
  • Go to the beach - build sand castles, swim in the lake or ocean
  • Hike on local trails


Your options are endless!


All you have to do is ASK YOUR KIDS what they think is fun. 

Warning - you might want to give them options because not everyone in the family might want to go rock climbing or bungee jumping!


Enjoy your exercise adventures!

If you want more friendly family ideas, request to join The Real Healthy U free Facebook Group at where we plan to have different monthly challenges or opportunities to get healthier!

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