How Do I Get Rid Of A “Kink In My Neck”?

As I write this blog, I am reminded that September 6th is National Read A Book Day.

Have you held a book in your lap and after reading it for awhile, tried to look up but felt a “kink in your neck”?

Or, maybe your son or daughter stayed up late cramming for an exam and then complained about a “kink in their neck” the next morning?

In my own personal experience, I have awakened with a “kink in my neck”.

Why does this happen?

One of the most common reasons the “kink in the neck” occurs is because of muscle imbalances. 

What’s out of balance?

Stand up wherever you are right now.

Stand and move your chin to your chest to look down at your feet. Do you feel a pull in the back of your neck?

Imagine standing or sitting in this position for 1 hour. The muscles in the back of your neck would get nice and stretched but the muscles in the front of the neck would get nice and tight. 

When someone is reading for awhile and looking down, the front muscles of the neck are going to shorten or get tighter while the muscles in the back of the neck are lengthening or getting stretched.

The problem can be magnified when someone wakes up with a “kink in the neck” and thinks they need to stretch. If they stretch the muscles that were lengthened and already stretched out, their pain probably won’t go away. In fact, it might get worse! 

Thus, to start to correct the above problem, the front muscles of the neck would need to be stretched because they were the muscles in the shortened position while the person was looking down to read the book.

The muscles in the back of the neck need to be strengthened - not stretched - because these muscles were placed in a stretched position for a prolonged duration while the person read the book.

So, what exercises should I do to stretch the front muscles of my neck and what exercises should I do to strengthen the muscles of my neck?

Check out my you tube channel to watch a video that will walk you through 4 Quick Exercises to Get Rid of a "Kink in the Neck"

Happy Reading!



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