General Vague Loses VS Super Specific Wins

If I told you that your job this weekend is to clean your house, what is your immediate reaction?


Are you overwhelmed?

Are you thinking that “I can’t clean this entire house in 1 day!”?

What if I told you to just clean the kitchen.

Do you feel less pressure?

What if I told you to clean the refrigerator, the oven, and the counter tops?

Do you feel a bit of relief that you only have 3 things to clean now?

This is what it means to be SPECIFIC.


When you have a big goal like cleaning the house and you break it down into SPECIFIC tasks, the big goal becomes much more achievable.

It is overwhelming to think of the big goal. It can even seem insurmountable.

If we use our cleaning house example, let’s say you have a 3 bedroom - 2 bathroom house. You also have a kitchen, dining area, and living room. You have a laundry room. And you have a finished basement. That’s 10 areas to clean and each of those 10 areas has lots of stuff associated with it. When I think of cleaning my house, I’m like, yeah, I’ll get to that tomorrow!

When a task is so big that you can’t believe it can be done, guess what?

It doesn’t get done.


At some point you have to clean your house… even if it’s just at the holidays when mass people will be coming over.


So how do you accomplish the big chore of cleaning your house?

You create a strategy and get SPECIFIC with your plan.

Here’s an example:

  1. Clean bedrooms - wash sheets and comforters, dust/wipe off dressers and ceiling fan, vacuum the carpet
  2. Clean bathrooms - wash towels and rugs, clean sinks/vanity, clean shower/bathtub, clean the floor

And, so forth, for each room.

If visitors are coming in 1 week, you might even create a schedule where you specifically clean 1-2 rooms each day, make your grocery list, and start prepping for the meal.

It might look something like this if visitors are coming on a Saturday:

  1. Wednesday- clean bedrooms, make grocery list
  2. Thursday - clean bathrooms, go to grocery store
  3. Friday - clean living room and dining room, start to meal prep, bake dessert
  4. Saturday - clean kitchen in morning, start cooking, prepare dinner table

When you SPECIFICALLY set mini-goals or tasks in order to reach the big goal, that big goal becomes more doable and is not so overwhelming.

And that’s just plain S.M.A.R.T.!

Next time you have a big goal to reach, be SPECIFIC in how you plan to do it!


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