Dr. J’s Soap Opera

You may know me as a physical therapist but what you probably don’t know is that I got into physical therapy because I wanted to be a veterinarian!


That’s right! I wanted to be a veterinarian since I was 5 years old. I volunteered at a veterinary clinic when I was 15 and then when I turned 16, they hired me as a “Vet Tech”. I cleaned cages, walked dogs, observed surgery, and gave diabetic injections to cats. I worked as a Vet Tech all through high school and then my freshman year in college, I developed a severe allergy to cats. I always had a “sensitivity” with watery eyes but at this point, my skin was turning red like a tomato and my eyes were swelling shut! I switched my major from Pre-Veterinary Medicine to Pre-Med and hated it!. I loved sports so I switched my major again to Sports Medicine and travelled with the sports teams as a student athletic trainer. Being on the road for almost my entire Junior year showed me that I really didn’t want to be “on call” 24/7 for the rest of my life so I decided to pursue physical therapy school.

PT school was the toughest thing I ever did. I didn’t eat right, I exercised like crazy, I tried no-fat and low-fat foods, I lifted weights - all of this to try and balance my stress between school and good health. When I graduated from PT school, I was already burned out before I started.

Hauling rock for my Dad to help him landscape around the family pool was very therapeutic! He and I shoveled rocks and lifted 25 pound bricks around the pool in the morning then we cooled off in the pool in the afternoon. I remember standing in the water with my PT books on the edge of the pool studying to pass my Board exam so I could be licensed. This method of mixing physical labor with studying in the sun must have worked because I passed my exam and I earned my first job as a PT!

As I started seeing more patients, I learned quickly about something that PT school never taught me. PT school failed to teach me One Big Thing!

Stay tuned because tomorrow will be the next bit of my story with Subject Header: “One Big Thing!”


See ya!

Dr. Jeanette


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