Attainable Stainable

When you stain wood, it is permanent. If you pick the right stain, what was once old looking becomes new and polished - something fresh and creative.

When you attain a goal, it becomes a stain - a permanent achievement that marks your progress. It increases your confidence so you can look back and say, “I did that!”

The first step towards attaining a goal is setting an attainable goal.

You can’t make up some extreme far-fetched goal because you won’t reach it and then your confidence plummets… or worse, you will feel like a failure.

No, do NOT do that to yourself.

Set attainable goals. 

Here is an example of a far-fetched unattainable goal:

“I am going to lose 100 pounds in 30 days.”

Not going to happen. This would not be physically possible and would be down right dangerous.

An attainable goal would look like this:

“I am going to lose 100 pounds in 1 year”

This is attainable because the person would need to lose about 2 pounds per week over 50 weeks to reach their goal.

Here is another example of an unattainable goal:

“I’ve never run before but there is a 50-mile ultra-marathon next week that I would like to try.”

Try? This person could try but would most likely not finish or would suffer through the process unnecessarily.

Better to strive for this attainable goal:

“Wow, there is a 50-mile ultra-marathon next week in my area. I’m going to go watch that event and learn how to train for it so that next year I’ll be able to participate.”

Setting attainable goals sets you up to succeed.

If you constantly set unattainable goals and fail at them, you are telling yourself that you are a failure… except you never gave yourself the chance to really succeed.

When you constantly fail to reach your goals, you might start to think that you can’t do anything right, that you won’t be able to succeed, that you really are a failure.

This is a slippery slope to head down on.

This can leave a permanent stain on your brain that makes you feel down and out.

The problem here is that you are NOT a failure. You just set the wrong goal. 

Why does this happen?

Because you probably didn’t know what the process really looked like to complete the goal.

And what you don’t know can make you or break you.

Let’s look at the 50-miler ultra-marathon example again.

The first person who wanted to complete the 50-miler next week completely underestimated the amount of training that goes into an event like that AND they overestimated their own physical ability.

The second person who wanted to complete the 50-miler next year understood their own limitations, respected the complexity of the event, and was willing to take steps to learn how to properly prepare for the event.

Setting an attainable goal requires humility and patience.

Setting an attainable goal sets you up to succeed.

And when you succeed, you are creating a stain on your brain that you are WINNING!



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