5 Steps To Getting Rid Of Pain...Regardless Of What That Pain Is!

pain physical therapy Jun 05, 2021

What’s the biggest pain you have experienced?


A broken bone?

A sprained ankle?

A splinter?

A root canal?




Regardless of the type of pain or the cause of the pain, I anticipate the #1 thought you are thinking of is “How do I get rid of the pain?”


Here’s 5 Steps You Can Take Immediately When Pain Begins?


  • Take Action - Doing nothing will not work. Even if you decide to rest and apply ice, you are still taking action
  • Pay Attention To What You Are Feeling - Do not ignore your pain. Pain is your body’s way of screaming for your attention. Pain is your body telling you something is wrong. If you just fell and your wrist is painful and shows a deformity, your body is shouting at you to get an x-ray! If you have a splinter, your body is telling you that your finger hurts and the splinter needs to be removed. If you are experiencing labor pains, your body is telling you the baby is on the way! Pay attention to your body - it will tell you what it needs.
  • Don’t Delay - If your pain changes how you move, seek expert help. For example, if you can’t walk without limping or can’t put weight through your foot or leg then you need immediate assistance at the urgent care or emergency department. If you suffer chest pain or feel one side of your body going numb, you need emergency care. If that achy back pain that began 7 days ago prevents you from sleeping, standing, sitting, walking or any other movement you are wishing you could do, it’s probably not going away on its own. Seek expert help.
  • Do Your Homework - Find out who specializes in the pain you are suffering with. Got eye pain - go to an optometrist. Got foot pain - go to a podiatrist. Got back and neck pain - go to a physical therapist. Once you know the specialist you need, find out who to go to and don’t just go to anyone! Seek out the specialist with 5 star reviews. You wouldn’t hire a plumber or an electrician without doing a little research. Why would you hire a physician or physical therapist without learning about them first? 

    How do you know who to hire for your expert care? Here’s a few tips:

    -- They ask you questions about you when you call them - they aren’t just trying to schedule an appointment; they are genuinely interested in learning more about you so they can decide if they are the best person for you to start care with.

    -- They take time with you when you call. They actually have a conversation with you and make you feel like a person instead of a number.

    -- They share with you what’s going to happen next, take time to answer your questions, and are transparent about how they can help you. When you get off the phone, you aren’t left wondering what you should do next.

  • Ask Questions - It’s your body so you should know what’s going on with it. Make a list of questions and expect to get them answered. That’s right - expect to get them answered. If you are in pain, you deserve to know why you are in pain. You aren’t an expert but the healthcare provider you are hiring is. They should be able to tell you what’s going on and if they can’t, then they should be able to tell you what happens next. This could be diagnostic tests or a referral to another expert who can give you the answers you need.


We all experience pain at some point and when we do, we don’t always think clearly about what we should do because all we can think about is how to get rid of the pain. Staying calm and following the above five steps is imperative to getting the pain gone as soon as possible.


If you have questions about pain, Dr. Jeanette and her team are happy to start a conversation. They can’t fix everything and they can’t guarantee results but they have helped a lot of people feel better faster.

In one session, they’ve decreased a patient’s back pain 60%! If they could reduce your pain by 10%, how would that impact your life?

If you want to get rid of pain, move better, feel stronger, get back to what you need to do, and get back to what you love to do, take action and call 262-771-0404.


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