4 Tips to Find Time In Your Crazy Busy Schedule

Have you ever said, “There is just not enough time in the day!”?

Or, maybe you feel like you are busy all day rushing from here to there yet at the end of the day you find yourself saying, “I didn’t get anything done!”

Before we can talk about finding time in a crazy busy schedule, we have to look at Time Stealers - those little pesky gnat-like things that absorb your time and lead to a sense of overwhelm.

Time Stealer #1: 

Hitting The Snooze Button

Seriously, if you hit the snooze button 3x every morning, you probably just lost 20-25 minutes right smack at the beginning of the day without your foot even hitting the floor. You are now 20-25 minutes late to your “perfectly” planned day.

If you have trouble getting up in the morning, then you probably need to evaluate your bedtime. The average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep. You can’t burn the candle at night and expect to start your day feeling rested.

Time Stealer #2: 

Unexpected Traffic And Hitting Every Red Light On The Way To Your Destination

Nothing is more annoying than getting up to speed only to have to slow down and stop at a red light. It’s even worse if you are running late because you kept hitting the snooze button!

With Google Maps, you can easily learn how long it takes to get to where you need to go. If Google Maps says it takes 20 minutes, then leave 30 minutes before you need to be somewhere.

Why give yourself 10 minutes extra? 

  • You don’t what traffic will really be like
  • You might have to stop at all the red lights along the way
  • You could get stuck behind a school bus 
  • You might have to stop for the local train
  • You have to find a parking spot when you arrive
  • No frantic feelings of “I’m going to be late!” or “What if I can’t find a parking spot?” or “What if I have to walk more than I thought?”
  • You will definitely feel more relaxed and less anxious while driving and arriving AHEAD of schedule

Time Stealer #3:


Why do we do it? Why do we overbook our schedule with back-to-back appointments or projects so that we feel completely frazzled and exhausted at the end of the day?

Everyone gets 24 hours per day; 7 days per week; 365 days per year.

You can only squeeze so much into a day.

When you schedule your day, why not try scheduling in your sleep, meals, and exercise first? 

Fit all the other tasks around those 3 things that you absolutely must do every day to stay healthy and you will feel better + be less likely to overbook your day.

Time Stealer #4:


Everyone gets distracted. Some people get distracted by social media, chatting, texting, watching TV or movies. Other people get distracted by hobbies like sewing, painting, reading, playing a musical instrument, etc.

Distractions are activities that prevent you from getting what you really want done.

Learning to prioritize and block time in your schedule for activities that must get done is the key to actually getting tasks done. Block time in your schedule for work-related and play-related activities to make sure that you have the appropriate balance. This doesn’t mean that you will spend the same amount of time working and playing. It means that you are taking control of your schedule and telling your schedule what to do so that when you are in the middle of scheduled work time, you can focus on work because you know that you have scheduled play time later.

When you don’t schedule play time, the uncertainty of getting a break and feeling like you are “working all the time” will most likely lead to you take more breaks than you would if you had just schedule a planned break time.   

4 Tips To Finding More Time In Your Crazy Busy Schedule

  1. Get enough sleep and avoid hitting the snooze button
  2. Give yourself ample time to reach your destination
  3. Schedule your sleep, eat, and exercise time in your schedule first, so that you take care of you before anyone else. It’s not selfish. You can’t help others be at their best unless you are at your best.
  4. Schedule work time and play time so when you are working, you can focus on work. When you are playing, you can focus on having fun or relaxing

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