Food and Water for Sport

Every person, athlete or non-athlete, functions best with good nutrition. Athletic performance is influenced greatly by nutrition. Getting the right amount macronutrients and micronutrients can often be the missing link in improving performance. Macronutrients = carbs, proteins, and fats Micronutrients = vitamins and minerals Let’s keep it simple. Athletes will need the following macronutrients: Athletes…

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Safety in Cheerleading


Wow! Cheerleading today is not your Mom’s cheerleading! I remember cheerleading back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Most cheerleading was about jumping up and down on the sideline of a football game, cheering, pom poms, and standing on each other’s shoulders. Cheerleading is about real athleticism – which is why many colleges and…

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Helmet Protection in Sports – Part 2: All Sports – Head and Face Protection


Do you know which sports require which protective gear? Many people don’t know the requirements yet having the right gear is the just one of the keys to preventing or significantly reducing injuries. The National Athletic Trainer’s Association has reported on the different types of protective gear necessary for various sports: Helmet Protection: Facemasks: Protective…

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Helmet Protection in Sports – Part 1: Football

Football Injury

Helmet safety is just one of the keys to protecting the head in football. Please be aware that helmets reduce the risk of head injuries when a direct blow to the head occurs; however, helmets can’t prevent all head injuries. Why is that? Helmets don’t prevent all head injuries because direct blows to the body…

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Summer Citrus with Essential Oils

Essential Olis

Summer is in full swing and citrus essential oils by doTERRA can be the perfect addition to boosting your immune system, uplifting your mood, and refreshing your taste buds! doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils are safe to use with your entire family because they are harvested directly from the fruit. When you open…

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Summer Fun With Fruit

Fruit Salad

Here are some fun tips to incorporate fruit into your summer menu: Feeling thirsty and dehydrated? These fruits contain lots of water and digest quickly: Be aware of acidic fruits if you have digestive issues: Sub-acid fruits can tone down the acid: Enjoy your sweet fruits: When making fruit salad, acid fruits and sweet fruits…

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Grilling Safety Tips

Summer celebrations wouldn’t be fun without grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and marshmallows. Grilling involves fire and safety is vital – especially when there are people of all ages and pets nearby. General Grilling Tips According to the National Fire Protection Association:   Other Grilling Tips: Be Smart. Be Safe. Have Fun.

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5 Tips to Staying Safe in the Sun


When days get longer, it’s easy to lose track of time and find yourself basking in the sun a little longer than you planned. The lazy days of summer should be about relaxing and not about feeling the heat from your “fried” skin. The sun can be a friend by providing necessary Vitamin D to…

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How To “Unplug” With Backyard Games


Do you remember when summer was all about running, riding your bike, and swimming in the lake or local pool? With the age of technology, many kids forget how to play “unplugged”. How about breaking away from screen time and bringing back some summer fun with the following backyard games? Not only do these activities…

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Run, Run, Run, Run, and Run Some More!

National Running Day

Regardless of whether you have completed a marathon in every state, just begun training for your 1st 5k, enjoy watching runners during the Olympics, or think that running involves the number of errands you are running to and from in a given day, this week we honor the upcoming National Running Day on 6/6/2018. How…

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