At De Witt Physical Therapy & Wellness, we offer an innovative, whole body approach to Physical Therapy, Fitness, and Food. We address all factors in life that can influence overall health. Many of our clients are surprised by how comprehensive our assessments are and by the types of questions we ask. We do things differently because we really want to get to know you and why you are coming to see us. We want to understand exactly what is happening so we can figure out the root cause of your problem, solve the problem, AND help you feel better faster.

Throughout her 20+ years as a PT, Dr. Jeanette created and developed the Feel Better Faster Formula to care for people. The Feel Better Faster Formula guides you through the following steps:

  1. Decrease pain and tightness
  2. Improve the way you move
  3. Feel stronger and more balanced
  4. Get back to doing what you need to do
  5. Get back to doing what you want to do

Whether you are looking for Physical Therapy, Fitness Training, Nutrition Consultations, Online Health & Wellness Course, or Online Exercise Membership Access, ALL services are online at your fingertips. All you need is an electronic device like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. A HIPAA-compliant video chat platform keeps all your private information secure and confidential. You get 1-on-1 attention without having to drive to your appointment. Care, convenience, and quality all with a touch of a button.

Dr. Jeanette M. De Witt, PT, DPT, LAT, ATC, PNMT-C, NASM-CPT

Meet Dr. Jeanette M De Witt:

Degrees and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and University Scholar from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH - 1996.
  • Master of Physical Therapy from Allegheny University of the Health Sciences in Philadelphia, PA - 1998.
  • Certification in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy - 2012
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA - 2014.
  • Certified Personal Trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine - 2018
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialization Credential - 2019
  • Exercise is Medicine Level 1 Credential - 2019

Dr. Jeanette is a native of Cincinnati, OH and moved to Kenosha, WI with her family in February 2012. She has practiced in hospital-based and private outpatient orthopedic settings as well as skilled nursing and Division I athletics. During her 20+ year career, Dr. Jeanette has had the privilege of caring for a wide variety of clients: from school-aged children to retirees, from homemakers to business professionals and executives, from weekend warriors to professional athletes.

Dr. Jeanette enjoys walking, cycling, weight-training, and yoga. She is passionate about learning how the body can heal itself through physical activity, proper nutrition, and essential oils. She also appreciates learning about American and biblical history. Dr. Jeanette is married to an encouraging, wonderful husband. Together, they have two daughters and enjoy spending time at local parks and community events.


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