Physical therapy is in the pain-relieving business AND so much more!

At De Witt Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC we believe physical therapy does more than just relieve pain. Physical therapy also helps people move better, feel stronger, and live more confidently.

That’s why we focus on the whole person with an integrated approach to overall health. We use our Physical Therapy Formula to help you feel better faster so that you can get back to doing what you love.

Our Physical Therapy Formula = The Feel Better Faster Formula

We will guide you through the following steps of this formula just like we have for thousands of others who were pleased to find success with us. We will help you:


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The 48 Most Frequently Asked Questions Of Physical Therapy

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Throughout these steps, you also have the option to participate in our online free Facebook group The Real Healthy U so that you significantly decrease your risk of re-injury AND significantly increase your ability to perform at your best.

The Real Healthy U (click the link to join the Facebook group) goes beyond physical therapy to meet the needs of your nutrition, fitness, sleep, and environment - basically, your overall wellness so that you can feel at your best DURING your rehabilitation and AFTER you fully recover from your injury.

You are part of our family. We care about YOU. You are a person before you are a patient. We understand that when you are in pain, you might not be sleeping well. Your family might be tired of hearing you complain about your pain and the things you can’t do. We know you are seeing us because you are fed up, can’t take it anymore and are tired of missing out on what you love to do. We recognize how scary it can be to meet a new provider and to put your trust in someone to help you feel better. That’s why we don’t take you or your time for granted. We appreciate that you have a choice and can go anywhere. We are filled with gratitude at the opportunity to care for you.

When you hire us as your physical therapy provider, you can expect:
  • 1-on-1 appointments (when we say we are with you every step of the way, we mean it)
  • Easy access at your fingertips (that’s right, your appointment is online and accessible from any electronic device - smartphone, tablet, or laptop) - this includes online appointments via video chat, online scheduling, and online payment
  • No double-booking (we don’t see multiple patients at the same time - your appointment is all about you)
  • HIPAA Compliant Video Chat keeps your information safe and secure
  • Meticulous attention to detail so that we can prescribe the right plan for you (when you make progress, we make changes that keep moving you forward in your plan)
  • Realistic home programs that don’t require hours out of your day (no one has time to exercise all day with long exercise programs - we fit your program into your lifestyle)
When you hire us as your physical therapy provider, we can expect from you:
  • Commitment to your appointments (punctual and attending your prescribed number of visits)
  • Dedicated to your prescribed plan at home (performing your pain-relieving positions and exercises consistently with a mind-set that therapy is your medicine)
  • 24 hours notice if you need to cancel (we understand life can bring the unexpected; we just need you to let us know so we can notify another patient who might be waiting that they can take your spot)
  • Prepared and ready to participate at each session (wearing shorts, t-shirt, and gym shoes)

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