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Food shouldn’t be about just counting calories and restricting your diet.

We believe food should be FUN and all about what you CAN eat!

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Our Get FITT, Be FITT Nutrition Program is based on the same sound principles we use with our Get FITT, Be FITT fitness and athlete programs.

What is our Get FITT, Be FITT Nutrition Program?
  • Functional - you will learn how to use food to make you feel better throughout the day
  • Integrated - you will learn how make food work for you instead of against you
  • Training - you will receive a specific food guideline based on your goals
  • Transformation - you will transform from unfit to FITT and improve your overall health
Is the Get FITT, Be FITT Nutrition Program right for you?
  • Are you tired of lacking energy you need to make it through your day?
  • Are you frustrated with headaches and stomach issues when trying a new diet?
  • Do you feel restricted from fad diets that you can’t seem to stick with?
  • Do you want to eat healthy but lack the time or the budget to think that you can?
  • Are you afraid to start a new eating habit because you don’t want to fail again?
  • Do you want your family to eat healthier but don’t know how to make food they will eat?
Your Get FITT, Be FITT Nutrition Program will:
  • Walk you step-by-step through changing how you think about food
  • Show you how to find healthy AND tasty food your family will actually eat
  • Teach you how to make small changes in your food choices so you can WIN with eating
  • Teach you how to create healthy eating habits helps you WIN for life

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"Appointments was a big 10! I liked what I heard as far as the diet timing I should try to help with my fatigue factor. Makes sense to me! I feel like I’m eager to try some things including exercising . This morning I actually rode my bike 3 miles for starters. I’m looking forward to getting and feeling better! Always good care & advice with Dr. Jeanette!"

Al L., Age 68, Kenosha

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Get FITT, Be FITT Fun Food Tips

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