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Welcome to our Get FITT, Be FITT Program!

What is our Get FITT, Be FITT Program?

  • Functional - you will learn exercises that will help you move better in your life
  • Integrated - you will get exercises that work within your day and for your lifestyle
  • Training - you will receive a specific training program, so you know what to do and when
  • Transformation - you will transform from unfit to FITT and improve your overall health

Is the Get FITT, Be FITT Program right for you?

  • Have you finished physical therapy and ready to take your fitness to the next level?
  • Are you trying to lose weight or manage your weight but have not found results with the latest and not so greatest fad work-out programs out there?
  • Do you want to exercise but can’t seem to the find the time or can’t seem to stick with it?
  • Are you afraid to exercise because you have a health condition and are afraid of making it worse?
  • Do you hate going to the gym because you don’t feel like you fit in?
  • Do you want to exercise without getting hurt?

Regardless of your current level of activity, your current level of motivation, your self-doubt, or your fear, you will NOT be alone.

When you join our fitness membership club, you will receive:
  • Individual fitness assessments

  • Your specific FITT action plan

  • Online group support from other members click here

  • Accountability

  • Live online video coaching

How long until you see results?

Watch this video to learn the Get FITT, Be FITT Formula so you can move and groove better

  1. Stable & Secure (Stability)
  2. Stretch & Flex (Flexibility)
  3. Strength & Power Up (Strength & Power)
  4. Plyo Pop (Dynamic Resistance)
  5. In It For The Long Haul (Endurance)
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