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I sprained my foot and ankle playing adult soccer. When I first came in to see Dr. De Witt it was difficult and hurt to push the gas and brake pedal in my truck. Walking hurt bad and it was very slow going. The transition to get better was slow but very methodical. Dr. De Witt is very good at figuring out what exercises to give you. If you do the exercises as suggested you will get better. Now, I have no problem doing my daily activities and I am ready to start running again. That is an awesome turn around to go from not walking without a lot of pain to starting to run in 8 weeks. Thank you, Dr. De Witt.

Mike Early 50s, Pleasant Prairie, WI

I never knew that Physical Therapy could change my life. I had a chronic pain in the neck for over 8 years. So, when I started coming to see you I was not very happy. You were so patient and understanding, reassuring me that pain like this can take a serious toll on a person. I was encouraged and then treated. Your customized personal approach was just what the doctor ordered. I am now without the severe pain and loving life. Thank you for teaching me how to take better care of my neck AND the rest of me too!

Amy Early 30s, Trevor, WI

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